July 14th Saturday 12.30pm





The Home of the Members Club, a part of Tooting & Mitcham Utd FC




The Meet the Manager will now be an open meeting on this occasion

12.30pm on Saturday 14 July (subject to the rearranged friendly - watch this space)



The Members Club has arranged a Meet the Managers event at 12.30pm on Saturday 14 July as a recognition for all that the members do in raising thousands of pounds for the budget and volunteer to serve both on match days and at other times to help keep the football club running. An interesting conversation has resulted from other fans who have expressed a wish to also attend. As a result a few different options have been put forward by members such as making it an open event where maybe non members will pay a small entry fee that would go into the budget fund, another for it to be a completely open meeting and a few other suggestions not worth repeating. We would like to hear sensible views from both members and non members and we will let the majority views of members be the deciding factor.  


What would help is for fans to come forward and fill the posts that have become vacant and as yet no one has come forward to take them on, either as an individual or in small groups.

1. Match day secretary which could be carried out by three people.

2. Assistant to the programme editor

3. Shop management, again this can be done by a small team.

4. Team to assist Lyn Catchpole prepare the stadium for match days.

For more detail please send us your request.


We are pleased to report we have two new volunteers, a gifted communications officer and a new treasurer


Please we would like to hear from as many of you as possible mailto:info@tmumembers.co.uk



We encourage every fan to become a member and now is a really good time. The Members Club have a stake in Imperial Fields so a strong Members Club has a vital role in a successful future. You can download the forms here


T&M Standing Order hsbc.pdf       The Membership form (current1819).doc


Presidents message


Apologies for lack of information.We have been looking for an information officer to handle this within the club but we haven't been able to find a volunteer as yet.test